2009 Christmas Special

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A packed 123 pages of wargaming fun including the following:

  • The Camden Campaign: An AWI campaign for Sharp Practice and Tea Taxes & Tories from Chris Stoesen.
  • Bocage Bustin’: Dave “The Colonel” Parker looks at US tactics for dealing with the bocage for TW&T and IABSM
  • The Game to End All Games: Max Maxwell looks at ideas for solo games with Through the Mud and the Blood
  • I Wish to Amuse the Fleet with a Signal: Nick looks at Command and Control in Kiss Me Hardy
  • Bag the Hun Walkthrough: Squadron Leader Johnny Danger takes us on a step by step walkthrough of Bag the Hun 2
  • Get Your Frickin’ Tentacle Out of my Face: Sci-Fi variant for IABSM from Robert Avery
  • The Laziest TW&T of All: More rule ideas from Fightin’ Joe Legan
  • Allan Watermain and the Tomb of the Prophet: Pulp adventure scenario for M&B
  • The Second Seminole War: A guide to this war with Sharp Practice from Mark Luther
  • Two Men of Talavera: A Le Feu Sacre III scenario for the Peninsular
  • The Defence of Crap Island: A Japanese amphibious landing scenario for the Pacific from Robert Avery
  • Thanks Heavens for Fellatio!: Captain Fellatio Lawnmower RN mounts a cutting out raid on some dastardly pirates with Sharp Practice
  • Rating Commanders for TCHAE: Brain Weathersby looks at the leadership in the ACW
  • Revenge at Camp El Juba: An If the Lord Spares Us scenario in Messpots.
  • Heroes of the Hearthrug: An overview of the author of Carpet Campaign’s life.
  • Carpet Campaigns: A 1910 rule set for toy soldier battles
  • The Savio River Crossing: A TW&T VC action from Tod Creasey
  • Una, Grande y Libre: A Triumph of the Will scenario from Mack Smackswell
  • Escape from the `Joy: A 1920 Irish Prison Break for Mud & Blood
  • Taking Command: Tom “the Hoffmeister” Hoff presents ideas for a battalion level version of IABSM
  • Totensontag: A desert war scenario for IABSM from Robert Avery
  • Strike Wing: A Bag the Hun scenario as Johnny Danger and chums take on some coastal shipping

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