Ancient History Magazine 46

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In the ancient world, the gods had the power to call down natural disasters, bring disease, and even cause harvests to fail. They also knew the future. Through augury, oracles, and all manner of divinatory practices, humans could commune with the divine and avoid disaster.

Theme: Seeing into the future

  • David Zeitlyn, 'Divination and oracles in antiquity - The view from anthropology'.
  • Kim Beerden, 'Independent diviners in ancient Greece - Claim to fame'.
  • Poppy Tushingham, 'Divination and sedition in the Assyrian Empire - The reign of Esarhaddon'.
  • Wim van Broekhoven, 'Bird and lightning in ancient Rome - Looking up'.
  • William Matthews, 'Oracle bones and state authority in Shang China - Enquiring of the gods'.
  • Murray Dahm, 'Artemidorus' Oneirocritica - The answer lies in dreams'.


  • Jona Lendering, 'The gospel of Jesus' wife - A cautionary tale'.
  • Owain Williams, 'Beautification in classical Athens - Lipstick and lingerie'.
  • Jason Whitmarsh, 'Identity, institution, and iconoclasm - The woman king Hatshepsut'.
  • Manon Henzen, 'A Roman fresco that loosens tongues - Proto pizza'.
  • Owain Williams, 'Early Athenian interests abroad - An Athenian Aegean'.
  • Philip Matyszak, 'Corresponding across the empire - Roman mail'.


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