Ancient Warfare IX.4

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This extra-long 50th issue of Ancient Warfare deals with the First Punic War, the 24-year clash between the rising superpower from Italy and the powerful North-African city state of Carthage.

Theme: Clash of the Colossi. The First Punic War

  • Cristian Violatti, 'The point of no return: Historical Introduction'
  • Tilman Moritz, 'Puzzling history: The fragments of Fabius Pictor'
  • Christa Steinby, 'Ship builders wanted: The escalation of war at sea'
  • Jean-Luc Féraud, 'Charge! A Carthaginian war elephant'
  • Seán Hußmann, 'Behemoths of the battlefield: Elephants in war'
  • Sidney E. Dean, 'Besiegers besieged: Agrigentum, 262-261 BC'
  • Michael Taylor, 'From the bottom of the sea floor: Archaeology from the Battle of the Aegates islands'
  • Robert Holmes, 'Taciturn Romans, Loquacious Carthaginians: Battle speeches of the First Punic War'
  • Joseph Hall, 'War on the waves: The Battle of Cape Ecnomus'
  • Arnold Blumberg, 'Rome's disastrous North-African interlude: The Battle of Tunis, 255 BC'
  • Josho Brouwers, 'The beautiful body: A gilded bronze cuirass from a Punic grave'


  • Marcus Pailing, 'We left our dead at the Polytimetos: Short story contest winner!'
  • Wassilis Stephan Linidis, 'Like a bronze statue of Ares: Recreating an extra-heavy Archaic Greek hoplite
  • Owen Rees and Jason Crowley, 'PTSD in Ancient Greece: Was there mental trauma in ancient warfare?'
  • Graham Sumner, 'Hollywood Romans: Quo Vadis (1951)'

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