Medieval World 3

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Women had various roles in the Middle Ages, from artists and fighters to leaders and patrons. Their impact was felt in everything from courtly settings to the military orders.

Theme: Medieval women in charge

  • Gabrielle Storey, "Queenship and Power: The Roles of Royal Women in the Global Middle Ages," 18-22. 
  • Peter Konieczny, "The Superstar of Baghdad: A Tale of Singing, Sexuality, and Slavery," 23.
  • Thomas Lockley, "The Killer and the Queen: Two Women Warriors of Medieval Japan," 24-27.
  • Rory MacLellan, "Women in the Military Orders: Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights," 28-35.
  • Susana Torres Prieto, "Anna Porphyrogenita: A Byzantine Empress at the Russian Court," 36-39.
  • Rileigh K. Clarke, "Memorializing Margaret Holland: A Strategic and Visual Display of Identity," 40-41. 
  • Jessica O'Leary, "Eleonora and Beatrice of Aragon: Princesses of Diplomacy in the Late Middle Ages," 42-47. 
  • Robin McCallum, "The Bristol Rebellion, 1312-1316: From Dispute to Uprising," 8-11.
  • Thomas Banbury, "Showing Your Colours: Royal Equestrian Heraldry," 12-13.
  • Stephen Miller, "Christian Shoots, Pagan Roots: The Green Man in Medieval England," 14-17. 
  • Vladimir Ivanovici, "Medieval Legends and Modern Myths: Manipulating History in Communist Romania," 48-49. 
  • Jeremy Solel, "On a Sea of Blood: The Battle of Hjörungavágr," 50-53. 
  • Manon Henzen, "The Lady of the Manor: In the Service of the Household," 54-55. 
  • Julia Faiers, "All that glisters... Gold: 50 Spectacular Manuscripts from Around the World," 56-57.

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