Medieval Warfare VI.5

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Both admired and vilified, the mystique surrounding the order of holy knights remains a powerful force to this day. In this issue we explore how the military order of the Knights Templar began in the twelfth century, the ways it operated on and off the battlefield, and the fascinating legacy they have in today’s culture. Also, the Battle of La Forbie - where the Templars and other Crusaders would face off against the Khwarazmians - is recounted in this issue.

The Knights Templar

  • Peter Konieczny, 'The rise and fall of a military order - Who were the Templars'.
  • Helen Nicholson, 'None is more illustrious than it is - Why I write about the Templars'.
  • Andrew Holt, 'Bernard of Clairvaux and the Templars - The new knighthood'.
  • Peter Konieczny, 'From blood brothers to bad breath - Ten facts concerning the Templars'.
  • John Howe, 'Military secrets of the Knights Templar - The Rule'.
  • William E. Welsh, 'The Battle of La Forbie - Crusader catastrophe'.
  • Danièle Cybulski, 'Fighting injustice to ruling the world - The afterlife of the Templars'.
  • Cliff Repicky, 'Forged in the furnace of holy war - Bernard's chosen: the Knights Templar'.


  • Owen Rees, 'The Siege of Bedford Castle in 1224 - Henry II versus Falkes de Breauté'.
  • Brian R. Price, 'Conrad Kyeser and his war-book - Bellifortis'.
  • Peter Konieczny, '11th century military wit and wisdom - He is as useless as a pony in battle'.
  • Murray Dahm, 'A modern film in medieval garb - Kingdom of Heaven'.

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