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Ravenfeast was designed by the team at LittleWarsTV as a gateway game for new players who want to try historical wargaming. Set in the Dark Ages, you'll lead a band of Viking raiders to pillage and burn your way across Saxon England with free rules, tutorials, scenarios, and videos to support the game.

  • Written by: Al Halden and Keith Stine
  • Full-colour perfect bound softback, 36 pages
  • No ISBN
  • Language: English

Ravenfeast is a short, simple set of skirmish rules for tabletop miniature gaming in the Viking Age. The rules are just a few pages long, but the book includes starter scenarios, modeling guides, advice for new hobbyists, army-building notes, and optional advanced game rules. At Ravenfeast.com you'll find loads of free resources, bonus scenarios, and paper figures. Getting into historical wargaming has never been easier!

You and your friends can resolve a Dark Ages miniature tabletop battle in just 1-2 hours with as few as a dozen figures per player. For more experienced players, a series of optional advanced rules add layers of tactical nuance to the basic core game. But Ravenfeast is far more than just a set of rules--this book is a complete toolkit for how to start miniature wargaming, including modelling advice, terrain tutorials, army building lists, starter scenarios, and a list of links and resources. Printed copies of Ravenfeast are intentionally cheap thanks to the non-profit HMGS, and our shared interest in making historical wargaming affordable for new players to try!

Ravenfeast was positively reviewed in WSS 112.


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