Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 90

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The first great conflict of the 20th century, World War I, saw the advent of many important military technologies on both land and in the air. However, they would also allow men to be killed at a speed and scale never before seen at that time.

Theme: Technological innovation in WWI
  • Jim Jackman and Guy Bowers, 'Looking at the technical advances in WWI - 1917, a year of revolutions'.
  • James Morris, 'The Battle for Fort Vaux and Verdun - Operation May Cup'.
  • Simon Davis, 'The ideal aerial wargame? - The Battle over Arras'.
  • Eoghan Kelly, '72 hours in a tin can - The Battle for Fray Bentos'.
  • James Morris, 'Great Uncle Reg and the Red Baron - Gaming with the ancestors'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Recruiting a Great War German army - Melde dich!'.
  • Rubén Torregrosa, 'Painting a trench raiding scene - A hell of mud'.
  • Adrian McWalter, 'Defending a position against overwhelming odds - To the death'.
  • Michael Leck, 'A Russian hero at the Battle of Neva, 1240 - How a prince became a "Nevsky"'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'Adventures in a lilliputian world - Gaming Portsmouth in 2mm'.
  • Alistair Campbell-Grieve, 'Planning a Carthaginian army - It began in Africa'.
  • Peter Schulein, 'Part I - Making the Twisted Tentacle Arms - From dusk until dawn'.
  • Rubén Torregrosa, 'Painting a Spanish Colonial army - 1898, Year of disaster'.
  • Jonas Dahlberg, 'Making realistic smoke markers - Where there's smoke...'.
  • Miniature reviews
  • Richard Clarke, 'Up front - What's the point?'.
  • Henry Hyde, 'Tabletop tactics - Line infantry'.
  • Mike Whitaker, 'The Irregular - What nobody tells you about running a club'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'The new fantasy Kickstarter from 4Ground - Let's play Legend of Fabled Arms'.
  • Mark Backhouse, Eoghan Kelly, and David Davies, 'Game reviews - The War of 1812, Death in the Dark Continent, Pickett's Charge, and Campaign: Sea Lion'.
  • Parting Shots

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