My lessons learned on the Analogue Painting Challenge

Here's an honest blog post. I failed at the Analogue Painting Challenge this last year. Sure, I managed to get some units done, had several half-finished units but I failed to meet my targets by a large margin.

Gangs of Rome - must paint these!

So what went wrong? I think my major failing is not allowing time for myself and my hobby. I've had a few stresses of late and many distractions. Put simply, I haven't allowed myself time for my hobby. Nor have I had a focus for my efforts, leaving me with dozens of half-finished projects.

I love converting - they need a lick of paint.

I'm a great believer in solutions, not problems. I know I didn't do so well, but I'm not going to carry on beating myself up about it. Time to direct that energy into something positive.

These now have paint on. Progress of a sort.

Jasper came up with an excellent idea in his Ancient Warfare blog, revisiting our 217 BC project. We are going to commit to carry on building armies for this project and play games when I'm over in the Netherlands for our business meetings.

Ahh ancients!

I've built and bought a Republican Roman army and I have an old Carthaginian army from my WAB days that I need to rebase (and resurrect). Maybe I'll start a new army. This will give me the focus I need.

The agreement is that we'll both finish a new unit every month, of which no more than half may be rebased or repurposed old units and half will be completely new units. The exact side I will choose will depend on what Jasper chooses, no point having two sides who never met...

Of course, Jasper and I will be blogging about our progress so expect updates in the near future.






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