Ancient Warfare II.4

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With the title ‘dictator for life’, Julius Caesar is famous for having ruled Rome almost like a king. His meteoric rise to near-absolute power was partly made possible by a series of battles, wars and military campaigns in which he was usually victorious.    

Theme: The campaigns of Julius Caesar

  • Jasper Oorthuys, Introduction to the theme.
  • Jona Lendering, The De Bello Gallico.
  • Douglas Sterling, Caesar's military intelligence.
  • Vickey Kalambakal, The bravest of the Gauls.
  • François Gilbert, Caesarian legionaries.
  • Ross Cowan, The battle of Ruspina.
  • Duncan Campbell, The triumph of Roman siegecraft.


  • Francisco Tudela, Cavalry: The Hoplite's Second Shield.
  • Murray Dahm, Command by Example II. Polyaenus.

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