Ancient Warfare VIII.6

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Starting in the 4th century BC, Rome's expansionist policies brought it into increasing contact (and conflict) with Greater Greece. Through a combination of diplomacy and intimidation, they came to rule the entire region by the end of the millennia.

Theme: The Roman conquest of Greece

  • Joseph Hall, ‘Historical introduction’
  • Michael J. Taylor, ‘The Pydna Monument’ (Source)
  • Gabriel Baker, ‘Greek reactions to Roman warfare’
  • Jasper Oorthuys, 'The Reenactor - Soldiers of Rome'
  • Owen Rees, ‘Philopoemen, the last of the Greeks’
  • Ruben Post, 'Weapons, armour and Greek society- Arms make the man'
  • Michael Park, ‘The Battle of Cynoscephalae’
  • Sidney Dean, ‘Greek spear versus Roman pilum’


  • Alberto Perez, ‘Women in warfare in European protohistory’
  • Matthew Beazley, ‘Julian in Gaul’

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