Lard Magazine 4 2021 (PDF)

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  • Welcome and Introduction - Big Rich reflects on the last year and his hopes for the future
  • Bazooka Town. Joe Bilton - Won’t you take me to… A complete Late War Pint Sized Campaign set in the Ruhr Pocket for Chain of Command
  • Let’s Get This Project Started. Colin Murray - I’m coming up, so Colin had better get this project started. The boy from Buckfast
offers some great advice for getting a new project off to a flying start
  • Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. John Savage - Especially when she’s in a chariot! Get your wheelbarrow ready for this multi-part campaign for Infamy, Infamy! set in rebellious Britain in AD60
  • We’re on a Highway to Hell. David C.R. Brown - Rocking his way to the Eastern Front for some ‘O’ Group action, it’s the Housewife’s Favourite himself. Nice!
  • Great War What a Tanker. Keith Jordan - A look at adapting What a Tanker for the very first tank on tank action, Keith Head to Villers Brettonneux. I hope he’s packed his wellies!
  • City & People. Sidney Roundwood - “Hullo clouds. Hullo Sky”. With the shackles of sanity abandoned, Sidney muses on creating terrain for the urban environment of 17th Century Paris. As you do
  • Red Star Rampant. Jim Jackaman - The 1939 Khalkin Incident see the Soviets Take on the Japanese in Bag the Hun. A full guide with seven spiffing scenarios to get you scrambling for your Yak
  • Desperate Measures in the Mediterranean. Charley Walker & Co. - The inseparable duo of Charley and Fred Worthingham present a Kiss Me Hardy scenario set in the Mediterranean of 1794
  • War Among the Ferns. Simon Walker - Simon presents a complete guide to the New Zealand Wars with Sharp Practice. A full breakdown or British, Colonial and Maori forces from 1843 to 1872. That’ll get tongues wagging!
  • An Incident at the Bay of Islands. Simon Walker - A scenario from the New Zealand Wars for use with War Among the Ferns
  • Building a German Church. Joe Bilton - With his architectural hat on and full health and safety clearance, Joe looks at building a German church suitable for his Bazooka Town campaign
  • Vox Normannorum. Olve Kroknes - A complete saga experience from the Viking era for Dux Britanniarum from the Pen of Norway’s Lardy Viking himself
  • Assault on Esperia. Tim Whitworth - An IABSM scenario from the soft underbelly of Italy in 1944 sees the French confront German forces near the Liri River
  • Return to the Raevsky Redoubt. David C.R. Brown - Borodino, the epic clash between two Empires in 1812. Here, Godfather of Wargaming, Dave Brown, returns to the Grand Redoubt with General d’Armee
  • Rückzug. David Hiscocks - A Pint-Sized-Campaign set in France and Belgium in August 1944. Can the Germans stop the breakout from Normandy and the great swan? Call the RSPB!
  • Haitian Revolutionary Armies. Peter Davies - Sharp Practice Army lists for an unusual Napoleonic period confrontation in the
 Caribbean. Go on. You know you want to. Trent Miniatures. It’s calling…
  • Sour Grapes. Joe McGrath - Strewth! The Fallschirmjäger take on the Australians in the scenario for Chain of Command on Crete from Joe across the pond in the US with a scenario he ran at Historicon
  • The Roundwood Report Revisited. Sidney Roundwood - They said it would never happen, but Sidney is back and talking to Mark Backhouse about the forthcoming Strength & Honour rules from Reisswitz Press
  • Go Sharp Into the Desert. John Savage Pasha - John provides a full supplement for using Sharp Practice for actions in the Sudan
 between British, Egyptian and Mahdist forces. Break out the Factor 50 Quartermaster!
  • The Sands of Shah Wadi Wadi. Pasha John Savage - A short campaign of linked games for the Sudan. Can the Reverend and his daughter escape the evil Osman Dinna Munni? I suspect some girls will, some girls won’t. Which is a very old musical joke
  • Micro-CoC. Kev Pierce - An informative guide to playing Chain of Command with 6mm forces. I am honestly refraining from making a smutty comment. But you knew that
  • The Australians at Pozieres. By Alex Sotheran - Rochdale’s finest son, aka Storm of Steel, leaves behind the glamour of the studio fFor the mud of the Western Front with this scenario for Mud & Blood
  • La Haye Sainte. By Joe McGinn - Joe Looks at gaming the assault on the world’s most famous farmhouse. Not the one in Bethlehem. The other one.

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