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Medieval Sicily was a diverse and colourful mix of cultures, from Muslims and Lombards, to Byzantines and Normans, who ruled the island beginning in the eleventh century.

Theme: Medieval Sicily

  • Francesca Petrizzo, "'Children of Normans' in Medieval Sicily: Blended in a Complex Land," 18-23.
  • Nicola Bergamo, "Sicilian Battleground: The Arabs and Byzantines Clash (827-902)," 24-27.
  • Dawn Marie Hayes, "Roger II of Sicily: A Self-made Medieval Monarch," 28-34.
  • Mike Markowitz, "Medieval Coins of Sicily: Norman, Byzantine, and Islamic Models," 35.
  • Kristen Streahle, "From Soil to Scaffold: Medieval Painted Ceilings in Sicily," 36-39.
  • Caroline Bruzelius, "Sicily Through the Centuries: Destruction, Change, and Renewal," 40-43.
  • Luke Foddy, "The King at the Walls: The 1264 Battle of Northampton," 8-11.
  • Robert Jones, "A Brief History of Heraldry: Why is it everywhere?," 12-13.
  • Galen Ford, "The Colour of Chivalry: The Transformation of Maurice," 14-17.
  • Gabrielle Storey, "Eleanor of Aquitaine: Medieval Ruler, Rebel, and Renegade," 44-45.
  • Fabrizio Ansani, "The Bombard and the Book: The Cultural Impact of Gunpowder Artillery in Fifteenth-century Naples," 46-49.
  • Manon Henzen, "The Best of Two Worlds: Medieval Sicily's Culinary History," 50-51.
  • Kathryn Walton, "Barlaam and Josaphat: How Buddha Became a Christian Holy Man," 52-55.
  • Julia Faiers, "Crucible of Creativity: A Trip to Toulouse at the new Musée de Cluny," 56-57.

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