York Archaeology Live

Tombstone of Flavia Augustina, York Museum

By Owain Williams

The York Archaeology Live festival is set to begin on October 1st and run until October 9th. The inaugural festival was held only last year, and the organisers have promised there will be even more to explore this time, from in-person events to on-demand online videos. 

From its foundation as Eboracum, a Roman Legion camp, to being the epicentre of the Danelaw, Jórvík, and its position as a formidable power in the Medieval period, York has a long history. It has an archaeological record to match, especially from the Roman and Early Medieval periods, with finds such as the Roman baths, Viking hoards, and a multitude of graves illuminating the city’s past. 

You can read more about York’s archaeology here.

Given the wealth of archaeological material from York, it should come as no surprise that the festival is focused there. Yet, the festival is also looking further afield, exploring the river culverts of Sheffield and the caves beneath the castle of Nottingham. 

The content on offer from York Archaeology Live will not only explore the various historical cultures present in York throughout its history, but archaeologists will also discuss the science of archaeology in videos and podcasts. 

Much of the content from York Archaeology Live will be available on-demand on their website on October 1st. You can buy tickets to their other talks and learn more about the festival here.

Image at the top is the tombstone of Flavia Augustina, now in the York Museum.

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