Warfare in the age of myth and heroes

Ancient Warfare is a unique publication focused exclusively on soldiers, battles, and tactics, all before 600 AD. Starting with ancient Egypt and Persia and continuing to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Ancient Warfare examines the military history of cultures throughout Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa. Ancient Greece and Rome receive the most frequent coverage, due both to the wealth of contemporary sources and the modern fascination with these two great civilizations. Subject-matter ranges from the familiar to the more obscure: while Alexander the Great, the Persian Wars and Caesar’s Gallic campaigns all receive regular coverage, Ancient Warfare also looks at some of the less common parts of ancient military history, from chariots as battle taxis to PTSD in antiquity.


Ancient Warfare magazine

  • Edited by Jasper Oorthuys
  • Bi-monthly
  • 60 pages, full-colour
  • Price: €49.95 for a normal one year subscription, €10.95 for a digital subscription, renewed every six months.
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    Ancient Warfare is meant for a casual, but inquisitive audience. Articles have a depth lacking in many more general military history publications. Each issue is organized around a central theme, allowing for an especially thorough analysis of that subject from a variety of perspectives. Themes for the six issues released each year are chosen partially by the editorial staff and partially through a public survey – which means that readers have an unprecedented amount of control over the topics covered in Ancient Warfare. From Hellenistic armies of the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC to the Assyrian war machine, each theme includes articles analyzing major battles, units, weapons, historical sources and fighting styles. Using the latest scholarship, our authors make warfare in this diverse and very long time period accessible.


    Besides its articles, Ancient Warfare brings history to life through gorgeous, unique maps, drawings and paintings. Rather than relying on stock images, we specially commission talented artists to create historically accurate illustrations of ancient warriors and warfare. These works are supplemented by a collection of photographs showing contemporary art and artifacts taken from collections around the world.