Peter Konieczny wrote up a chronological guide to Medieval Warfare issues (and see now for Medieval World), and readers immediately asked for an Ancient Warfare one as well. Happy to oblige of course, and I'll try to keep it up to date as well! So here's a list of issues in chronological order, though not exactly by century. There's quite a bit of overlap, and many issues overrun a period, so these are by necessity not overly strict. Can't choose and love it all? Then why not subscribe?

General themes

  • I.2 - Daily life of ancient soldiers (Print)
  • I.3 - Shields, helmets and armour (Print)
  • II.1 - Light infantry (Print)
  • II.2 - Victory and defeat (Print)
  • III.1 - Mercenaries in the ancient world (Print)
  • III.3 - Classical heroes (Print)
  • III.6 - Battlefield communications (Print)
  • IV.2 - Siege warfare (Print)
  • IV.5 - Religion and warfare (Print)
  • V.2 - Swords around the throne. Bodyguards of kings and emperors (Print)
  • VI.3 - Press home the charge. Cavalry in the ancient world (Print
  • VI.6 - Attack of the Celts. Confronting the Classical world (Print)
  • VII.4 - Movement and supply. Logistics and the army train (Print)
  • VIII.1 - Deserters, defectors, traitors (Print)
  • IX.6 - A feast for dogs and crows. The aftermath of battle (Print)
  • X.4 - Protecting the borders (Print)
  • X.5 - Legacy of Cyrus. The Persian empires at war (Print)
  • XI.1 - Blotting out the sun. Archery in the ancient world (Print)
  • XI.5 - Riding into battle. Ancient mounted warfare (Print)
  • XII.3 - The many means of protection. Armour in the ancient world (Print)
  • XIII.2 - Geography and warfare in the ancient world (Print)
  • XIII.4 - Warriors on Wheels. Chariot warfare in the ancient world (Print)
  • XIII.5 - Mercenaries in the ancient world - see also III.1, above (Print)
  • XIV.3 - Breaking down the walls. Ancient sieges and fortifications (Print)
  • XV.1 - Outside of the ordinary - Special operations in Antiquity (Print)
  • XVI.1 - Piracy in the ancient world (Print)

Bronze Age - 1200 BC

'Dark ages'  (1200 BC - 800 BC)

  • IX.3 - Mighty rulers of Anatolia. The Hittites and their successors (Print)
  • XI.4 - Wars of the Twelve Tribes. Warfare in ancient Israel and the Levant (Print)

Archaic era (800 BC - 490 BC)

Classical Greek era - Early Republican era (490 BC - 338 BC)

  • Special 2011 - The battle of Marathon (Print)
  • II.3 - The Age of the Trireme (Print)
  • IV.1 - A multitude of peoples. Before Rome ruled Italy (Print)
  • VII.2 - Struggle for control. War in ancient Sicily (Print)
  • VII.3 - Conquerors of Italy. The early Roman Republic (Print)
  • VII.5 - Trapped behind enemy lines. The March of the Ten Thousand (Print)
  • VIII.3 - Horsemen of the steppes (Print)
  • IX.2 - Struck with the club of Heracles. The ascendancy of Thebes (Print)
  • X.1 - Conflict between Sparta and Athens. The Archidamian war (Print)
  • XI.2 - On the cusp of empire. The Romans unify Italy (Print)
  • XI.6 - Victory for Sparta. Finale of the Peloponnesian War (Print)
  • XIV.2 - Rise of the Legion (Print)
  • XIV.4 - Waking the Giant. The Greco-Persian Wars, part 1 (Print)
  • XV.6 - Macedonia rising. The volatile life of Philip II (Print)

Middle Republican era - Early Hellenistic era (338 BC - 146 BC)

  • III.2 - Alexander's funeral games (Print)
  • III.4 - The Barcids at war (Print)
  • IV.6 - Royal stalemate. Hellenistic armies of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC (Print)
  • V.6 - Clad in gold and silver. Elite units of the Hellenistic era (Print)
  • VI.4 - Out of Alexander's shadow. The campaigns of Pyrrhus of Epirus (Print)
  • VIII.4 - The ancient world's fragile giant. The Seleucid empire (Print)
  • VIII.6 - The savage captor. The Roman conquest of Greece (Print)
  • IX.4 - Clash of the colossi. The first Punic War (Print)
  • IX.5 - At the point of a saris. Warriors of the Hellenistic age (Print)
  • XII.2 - Wild allies and enemies. Thracians in the fourth century BC (Print)
  • XIII.1 - Hired help from overseas. Hellenistic mercenaries in southern Italy (Print)
  • XIV.1 - Hellenistic Asia Minor (Print)
  • XV.4 - The Conquering Legion - Armies of the Roman Republic (Print)

Late Republican era - Late Hellenistic era (146 BC - 31 BC)

  • I.4 - The conquest of Spain (Print)
  • II.2 - The campaigns of Julius Caesar (Print)
  • V.1 - The new man who saved Rome. Gaius Marius at war (Print)
  • X.2 - War in Ptolemaic Egypt (Print)
  • X.3 - Rome versus poisonous Pontus (Print)
  • XI.4 - Roman against Roman. Caesar versus Pompey in the Balkans (Print)

Early Principate (31 BC - AD 98)

  • Special 2009 - The Varian Disaster (Print)
  • Edge of Empire
  • Romans
  • I.1 - The campaigns of Agricola (Print)
  • V.5 - Securing seas and shores. Fleets of the Roman empire (Print)
  • VIII.5 - Rebellion against the empire. The Jewish-Roman wars (Print)
  • X.6 - Ancient Rome in turmoil. The Year of the Four Emperors (Print)
  • XII.1 - Army for an empire. Augustus' new model military (Print)
  • XIII.6 - Claudius at War (Print)
  • XV.2 - The Batavian Revolt - Rome's allies pushed to the brink (Print)
  • XVI.5 - The Julio-Claudian legion

Middle Principate (AD 98 - AD 180)

  • Special 2010 - The Roman imperial centuria (Print)
  • III.5 - The imperial nemesis. Rome vs Parthia (Print)
  • VI.2 - A monumental effort. Trajan's Dacian wars (Print)
  • VII.6 - The reluctant warlord. The wars of Marcus Aurelius (Print)

Late Principate (AD 180 - AD 284)

  • II.6 - Rome in Crisis (Print)
  • XIII.3 - The rise of Septimius Severus (Print)
  • XIV.5 - Charting their own course. Breakaway empires of the 3rd century (Print)

Dominate (AD 284 - AD 600*)

  • IV.3 - Justinian's fireman (Print)
  • V.3 - The last great enemy. Rome and the Sassanid empire (Print)
  • VI.5 - Bringing order to chaos. The armies of Diocletian (Print)
  • IX.1 - The end of empire. The fall of Rome (Print)
  • XV.5 - The Saxon Shore forts (Print
  • XVI.3 - The Late Roman East

* Where exactly the remit of Ancient Warfare stops and Medieval World takes over is obviously debatable and clearly artificial.