Ancient Warfare themes for Volume XVII

Well readers, its that time again when we ask for your suggestions for future themes for Ancient Warfare Magazine. We’re putting the finishing touches to 16.3 and then we’re off to Egypt with the campaigns of Thutmose III in 16.4; the Roman legions of the first century AD in 16.5 and then Alexander the Great in 16.6 – how’s that for variety? And, more importantly, what variety shall we put in place for Volume 17?

Will it be the wars of Marcus Aurelius or something Near Eastern? Lost Battles or the warriors of the Steppes?

Have your say in the comments below.


Alexander’s first teacher was his uncle Lysimachus, brother of his mom Olympia. Once while having communion in the early morning before their walk when ATG was only 7-8, ATG tossed TOO much incense on the probably tripod and Lysimachus ’’’scolded’’’ the young ATG, then 14 years later when ATG was in The Levant i e Sidon, Ake, Tyre and Gaza, ATG sent to his former teacher no less than 11 tons of Incense or enough to take care or an average Athenian family for 300 years. And Green’s account of slaughtering 3 bulls on barges before Issus and tossing a gold cup into the Mediterranean Sea or in the Gulf of Alexandretta, before the Army on shore, and Aristander, his chief Soothsayer, in attendance and probably ensuring that the proceedings went smoothly, can you share what these libations, done each morning as ATG was deeply religious, as to what they were typically like. Tuck Pittman, Lawton, Oklahoma

George Tuck Pittman

An issue on ancient dyes and paints used for clothing, uniforms, shield decoration, dyeing leather, helmet crests etc. Surely re-enactors, experimental archaeologists will have a wealth of knowledge to pass on.

Martin Harvey-Woodworth

I’ll second David’s, “challenges of campaigning in the classical world”

Michael Ward

Warriors of the Steppes would be a very interesting theme. I’m looking forward to this.

Peter Vanhooren

How about the Sham Dynasty of ancient China or the Xingue campaigns of Han, perhaps Ancient Pr-Alexander India warfare or the lesser know campaigns of the Achaemenid Empire or the non-roman opponents of the Parthians. You know more issues on documented Ancient warfare stuff NOT focused on Europe and the Mediterranean.

Brian R. Van De Walker

I am very interested in the armies, battles and conflicts in the 3rd – 10th centuries AD in Europe, including the British Isles, North Africa and the Middle East – Romans and allies, the various armies of he British isles, the Franks, Ottonians, conflict with the spreading Germanic, Steppes and Muslim armies. Articles on the different early Muslim armies and conflicts including dress, weapons, etc would be fascinating. Articles on conflicts between the migrating different Germanic & Steppes nations during this era, as well as the conflicts in the Italian Peninsula – Romans, Byzantines, Lombards, Vandals, Muslims, Normans etc. Articles on dress, flags, weapons, armour and shields of these protagonists would be very interesting. Such articles would “feed” my interest in skirmishes with the new “Lion Rampant v2” Rules! :-D


I vote for warriors of the Steppes.

David LePage

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