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Beginning with issue 9 of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict, ‘Book Reviews' are now a new feature of the magazine. We wanted to highlight key recent publications that may be of interest to our wider readership. These initial books offer accessible and engaging histories of various aspects of the Middle Ages, ranging from developments in art and architecture in different corners of the medieval world, cultural contacts and negotiations, as well as the cultural significances of objects like the medieval sword and key works of medieval literature like the poem Beowulf.

Here are the first four books we included in this new section. Make sure to check them out and the books themselves! 

Julia Faiers, "Book review: Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages," 56 in MWCC.9
Ralph Moffat, "Book review: A Cultural History of the Medieval Sword," 57 in MWCC.9
Tim Miller, "Book review: Beowulf: A Poem," 56 in MWCC.10
Gabrielle Storey, "Book review: The Earth Transformed: An Untold History," 57 in MWCC.10

We have more reviews in the works for our 2024 issues of the magazine. We welcome suggestions and expressions of interest from among our readers and authors!

We are particularly interested, on the one hand, in recent publications that offer a fresh and accessible window into aspects of the history, culture, heritage, and lived experiences of the Middle Ages, highlighting and analyzing anew key textual, visual, and archaeological sources. On the other hand, we would like to feature reviews of canonical and reference works in Medieval Studies in order to bring these texts to the attention of broader audiences.

Reviews should be in the range of 850 words and offer an overview of the contents of the book and critical assessments of select features so that readers can assess the relevance of the publication for their reading, study, and/or research interests.

If you would like to make a recommendation for a book to be reviewed, or if you would like to serve as a reviewer, please be in touch

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