Looking back from 2022: Anniversaries of medieval battles

With 2022 upon us, we should take a look at the medieval battles and sieges that took place in their own 22s. Here is a list of those which are marking a centennial anniversary - some were important events, but others are barely known. 722 Battle of Hehil -  there is debate whether this battle took place in 720, 721 or 722. Fought in somewhere in England, and even the actual combatants are unknown. Battle of Covadonga - a victory by Pelagius the Visigoth against an Umayyad force in northern Spain. This may have taken place in 718. 822 Battle of Kedouktos - a battle between the Byzantine rebel leader Thomas the Slav and Bulgarian allies of the Byzantine emperor. Inconclusive result. 922 Battle of Constantinople - a Bulgarian army defeats the Byzantines outside the city of Constantinople. 1022 Battle of Svindax - the Byzantine Empire defeats the Kingdom of Georgia in a battle taking place in northeastern Turkey. 1122 Battle of Beroia - a Byzantine army under the command of Emperor John II Komnenos defeats the Pechenegs in a battle taking place in modern-day Bulgaria 1222 Battle of Khunan - a Mongol army defeats Georgia. King George IV of Georgia is mortally wounded. 1322 Battle of Boroughbridge (16 March) - a civil war conflict between supporters and opponents of Edward II of England. Battle of Mühldorf (28 September) - a battle between Bavaria and Austria, ending with a Bavarian victory. 1422 Battle of Nebovidy (6 January) - Hussites were led by Jan Žižka defeat a force of Hungarian and Holy Roman Empire troops. Siege of Constantinople (10 June - September) - failed attempt by the Ottomans to capture the Byzantine capital. Battle of Arbedo (30 June) - Victory by Milan against the Swiss Confederacy. 1522 Battle of Bicocca (27 April) - a French-Venetian force defeats a Spanish-Papal army near Milan. Siege of Rhodes (26 June – 22 December) - the Ottoman Empire’s second major attempt, this time successful, to conquer the island of Rhodes from the Knights Hospitaller. Battle of Qiancaowan - a naval battle where a Chinese fleet defeated a Portuguese fleet off the southern coast of China. You will soon be able to read more about the Siege of Rhodes - that will be the focus of an issue coming out later this year.


Top Image: A 15th-century depiction of the Battle of Arbedo.

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