Medieval warfare on the Louvre's new digital database

Historians and museum goers were very excited to learn that the Louvre Museum has unveiled a new digital database. You can now explore over 482,000 items, representing 75% of the museum's collection. You can access the collection here. We were searching through it ourselves, and found many items related to medieval warfare. Here are five of our favourites: The Battle of San Romano: the counterattack by Micheletto Attendolo da Cotignola A painting by Paolo Uccello of the Battle of San Romano (1432). It was probably commissioned in the 1470s by Lionardo Bartolini Salimbeni to decorate a room in his Florentine palace. Click here to learn more. Sword of the coronation of the kings of France Also known as the Sword of Charlemagne or Joyeuse, its various parts date between the 10th and 14th centuries. Click here to learn more. Warrior Cup It was made between the years 1285 and 1400 in Byzantium. Click here to learn more. Knight statuette This small bronze, about 12.5 centimetres tall, was made in Western Europe between the years 1150 and 1200. Click here to learn more. Armored soldier of the Middle Ages This was drawn by Paul Dubois (1820 - 1905), a famous French sculptor and painter, while he was researching for a sculpture of Joan of Arc that would be installed in Reims. Click here to learn more.

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