What's coming in 2022 to Medieval Warfare magazine

Our plans for next year's issues are firming up, and Volume XII of our magazine will have six issues featuring important battles and sieges, and more medieval military history topics that we haven't covered before. Here are the current plans for the issues that we are preparing in 2022: XII:1 - The Swabian War We first go to the end of the 15th century, to look at a conflict that pitted the House of Hasburg and the Holy Roman Empire against the Swiss Confederacy. The year 1499 would see several battles in this short but eventful war. The issue will also include articles about Switzerland and the important role it played in military affairs at the end of the Middle Ages. XII:2 - The Sieges of Rhodes Being the 500th anniversary of the second siege of Rhodes, we wanted to have an issue look at the two major Ottoman attempts to capture the island, first in 1480 and secondly in 1522. The Ottoman Empire's growth and expansion will also be featured, including their conquest of Egypt n 1516-7. XII:3 - Cities and warfare This will be an issue dedicated to the role urban centres had with warfare - how they took part in, prepared for, and dealt with military matters. Look for articles focusing on the role of London in warfare, especially during the 13th and 14th centuries. XII:4 - Maritime warfare and piracy We haven't done an issue centred on warfare at sea for several years, and there has been a lot of great research being done in this field. We hope to bring you articles from across the medieval world. XII:5 - The Battle of Grunwald This is another major battle that we have not yet covered in our pages - it involved the Teutonic Knights against the Kingdom of Poland the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Fought in 1410, it would have major effects for the history of Eastern Europe. XII:6 - Byzantine Warfare It's been a few years since we had a theme on Byzantium, and we are looking to create an issue that will talk about the Byzantine Empire over its long existence. If you are interested in writing an article for one of these issues, please send us an email at editor@medieval-warfare.com      

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