1940 Campaign: Deutschland

Alex Shears: I joined this project a little later than everyone else. I don't own any early war forces, let alone any Axis in my collection, so the choice was obvious. But what army to collect? After chatting with Guy, I was surprised to discover that no one has taken the mantle of the early war SS commander! (Well, someone has to... !) The thought of painstakingly painting camouflage on all the infantry makes me surprised that no one in our group jumped at the chance to collect them sooner! Or perhaps it was of their very reason... In all seriousness, from a modelling perspective, I will look forward to challenging myself with the early camouflage patterns of the SS. I have always enjoyed seeing the finished result after hours of toil to get the model "just so". On top of this, I plan to make my german vehicles 'pop' with plenty of airbrush shading shenanigans. I'm using the Warlord metal SS and some of their plastics for Heer infantry. [caption id="attachment_71789" align="alignnone" width="950"] Some of my Heer WIP.[/caption] My plan is to build a sizeable and highly mobile mechanised force with plenty of armour and support weapons. For my tanks, I decided not to go or the usual choice of the Pz 38t, opting for the Pz3 Ausf E instead. Personally, the thought of not having a Pz3 or Pz4 in any German force seems wrong, even though my other German players prefer the sturdy Pz 38t. Next up would be the armoured cars. I was especially drawn to the Sd.Kfz 222, which I hope to field a couple in this upcoming project.

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