250/9 rides out, part 2

I’ve finished my 250/9 that I started last week and the video’s now up and running. I thought I’d add some extra photos of the finished product here.

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I’m not sure I’d paint another vehicle this way. The effect is really nice - though perhaps I should’ve gone even lighter on last paint levels - and I think it works particularly well on an extremely angular vehicle such as the 250 Neu. You want to emphasize the sharp cuts, plates and deep shadows created by, for instance, the overhanging sides of the engine compartment. But is a bit of a chore and an airbrush works so much easier. Camo-wise, on the other hand, that works very well. It can work very well with the airbrush too, but I feel I need more practice.

The weathering could’ve been a bit stronger yet, but I prefer to have my vehicles look as if they’ve not been infected by Nurgle just yet. The model itself is pretty nice, though the casting sides are a bit concave on the upper hull and there were some airbubbles (which I didn’t fix. Bad me!). That kind of issue is one reason I really like plastic models. I look forward to the 250 series in that medium!

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