A new project, the Great Northern War

I blame Michael Leck. When I read his article in WS&S 113, the Carolean Death March, I was inspired to learn more about Charles XII of Sweden and his Great Northern War. A number of coincidences happened at the same time. Firstly, I was reading The Pikeman's Lament, which inspired me to think about collecting a new army for the horse and musket period. Secondly, a friend of mine had some Wee Wolf Swedes for sale and one set of Russian Dragoons... and then the comedy/drama TV series The Great was on television, complete with accurate Russian and Swedish uniforms. The more I read about Charles XII and his army, the more fascinated I became. At the time, I was painting models for the Analogue Painting Challenge, so I decided to try painting up some GNW era Russians to see if I enjoyed painting them. Some 27 models later, I thought yes, this was a 'doable' project. The Pikeman's Lament only requires dozens of figures, so the armies were achievable. I wouldn't be painting for years until I was able to get enough painted to play a game. Of course, like with every new project, research must be done, so I am turning to the excellent books by Helion and Co. I think I managed to get the colour of my cannons wrong, dammit! Now, where can I find a General Velemetov in 28mm?

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