All at Sea

Some games come and go while others stick with you for a lifetime. I'm not too sure of the rhyme and reason behind it, or if there's some magic formula, they just 'do'. Cruel Seas is proving to be a very popular game with local players. True, it is early days yet, but we'll see if this fast attack game has longevity.

We've been painting up boats and ships for the game like crazy. I've even tried some conversions, such as making a Vosper Mark 1 into a Vosper Mark 2 with 6 pounder. I might do a quick blog on how I did my conversion, as it is pretty simple.

I've also been painting up some of the bigger ships. While a little tricky to paint up, what is there not to like about a cool camouflage pattern? Here's a German Vorpostenboot flak ship. These make good torpedo targets but can dish out damage.

Of course, every good game needs some scenery. You could argue that Cruel Seas does not require any, as it's all at sea, but I've been painting some terrain up anyway. What's a few rocks and islands good for? Generally, the amusement of players, especially when their opponent accidentally drives into them and runs aground.

The lighthouse is from Warlord Games and the rock from a Model Railway company (Faller, I think). I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out, even though the windows were quite tricky to paint.



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