Army of the New City

As regular followers of my blog will know, Jasper and I have decided to reopen our 217BC project with new-ish armies. He is collecting Ptolemaic and I am collecting Carthaginians.

Much TLC needed!

Carthage‬ (pronounced Qart-ḥadašt) means 'New City'. I am basing my army off my old WAB army of over a decade and a half ago (which were famously eaten by Justin Taylor's fanatic kingdom of the Isles Viking army at an old WAB tourney in 2003/4).

Gripping Beast Carthaginians - classics!

My models have been in storage for quite a while and are in a sorry state. Some shields and the odd spear are missing. They are in need of tender loving care and rebasing. I'm rebasing to Swordpoint (which is flexible enough to be used with other systems) and adding in some new units to the old. 

Wargames Factory Carthaginians.

The new units will include plastics; I love this material as it can be converted very easily. I've received the new Agema Carthaginian Veterans (which are very nice), and am converting some of them with parts from the Agema Romans and Victrix Romans and Carthaginians. 

Agema and Victrix hybrids.

I'm also converting some skirmishers, using parts from Agema and Victrix kits. Parts from Roman and Greek skirmishers will all serve the cause fo Carthage! There's even a danger I might get some figures painted... stay tuned for more updates...

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