Can you write a good Irregular?

As regular readers know, Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy is fortunate to have two regular columnists as talented as Rick Priestley and Richard Clarke. They have both  provided regular, interesting and amusing pieces for our readership for five years now. There is a third, guest column, where readers can post what they would like to say on any wargames topic. We call this section the Irregular.

Eric’s Terrain Feng Shui Irregular

When we redesigned WS&S, there was much debate on what made a good magazine. Columns were one of the first regular features we agreed had to be in the magazine. We have experimented with four columns per issue, but feedback suggests that three two-page columns is the right balance.

Pete’s modern gaming Irregular from WSS 60.

Our irregular columns have covered many topics from figure scale and painting quality to the morality of modern wargaming to fair play in gaming. Sometimes they have caused controversy or been deliberately provocative (who remembers the Devil’s Advocate column by Mike Evans or the Future of Wargames Shows by Gary Mitchell?).

Phil’s Irregular from WSS 78.

As an editor, I have been fortunate that almost every issue I’ve been contacted by a reader with a good topic for a column. We have never ran short. However I thought it wouldn’t hurt to mention in one of my blogs that we are always on the lookout for new columns. If you think you have a good idea for an Irregular column or perhaps an article for the magazine, please contact me

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