Medieval (2022) film review

There is a new film based on Jan Žižka, the famous general who led the Hussites to victory. It tells the story of when Žižka first made a name for himself, leading a mercenary band.

The story has some historical elements, namely the struggle between Wenceslaus IV and his younger half-brother Sigismund.

The plot revolves around Žižka and his mercenaries being hired to kidnap the fiancee of Henry III of Rosenberg. 

Will Žižka and his men survive political intrigue, and will Žižka fall for the kidnapped Katherine? The movie has many twists and turns, and the ending is quite unpredictable, which I liked. No spoilers!

You can expect many choreographed fight scenes; I'm not sure how realistic they will be to a medieval scholar, but they are fun and action-packed. There is at least a nod to the weapons and armour used at the time, and the scenes looked authentic. 

Another winner in the theme is the landscapes and backdrops they used. The scenery added to the brooding feel of the movie as a whole.

The acting was, for the most part, good. Some roles were perhaps a little two-dimensional; however, I particularly liked Matthew Goode, who made for me a realistic Sigismund, devoutly religious and yet totally ruthless.

Overall, I liked the film. While not exceptional, it was a good and fun film to watch. After all, how many films are there with Hussites in?

So, give it a go. If I'm feeling brave, I'll review All quiet on the Western front.

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