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American airborneHi there folks!

Just a quick update on my progress with Project Platoon. I started at quite a pace before Christmas and was planning to continue straight after the holiday break. But we had a phone call on the 31st of December it went something like this: Builder ‘Hello there we are coming to rip your kitchen out and install a brand new one starting the 3rd of January.’ Well I thought great a new kitchen from the landlady, cant be bad. ‘Excellent, how long will it take?’ said I. Builder ‘shouldn’t be more than a week or two.’ ‘Ok see ya then.’

And this is were the nightmare begins, for the whole month of January we had no kitchen, well we did, but it just happened to be in my painting room, so progress was slow on that front. I think I have got myself back on track now with a couple of squads completed and the command and a few extras based ready to begin.

Apart from the delays, I have really found myself enjoying this project. When my figures arrived from Nick at Northstar I was happy with my choice of the Artizan range, I have always liked the look of their models and I wasn’t disappointed. The next thing that I have found, is that researching a units history has also been time well spent, having never really looked into actual units before, it has been very satisfying to look into the history of a certain unit and learn about them. Now I am not saying that I have become an expert on my unit of choice the 504th PIR, but even spending a little time browsing on the internet has been fun. I would suggest if you are like I was and just painted generic troops in the right colour for the table top, that you invest a little time to look at them more closely. It is something that I highly recommend and will be doing it in the future.

I have also purchased some unit insignia waterslide transfers from Company B. And I am looking forward to trying these out, I don’t know what they will come out like, the last time I used transfers was on my old Airfix planes when I was a kid. I will let you know in my next post.

Well that’s it for now folks, I will endeavour to get some pics up soon so you can see that I have actually done something and not just saying I have.

All the best.


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