Project 1940: How about a nice cup of tea?

Our 1940 campaign has been moving at quite a pace. Miniatures are being painted and battle plans have been drawn. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I was surprised to end up being the British player (although I've now been joined by my friend Dave D). We are building up our campaign strength in blocks of 500 points - so next will be 1000 points than 1500. Some of the more ambitious players (<cough!> Chris K <cough!>) are aiming at 3000 points... So here are my first 500 points for Bolt Action. I started with two full sections of British infantry, consisting of 8 rifles and a Bren team. I took no submachinegun for the NCOs because the British Expeditionary Force had so very few. My models are Warlord with a mix of the old BEF miniatures range and the new 1st Corps ranges. They all mix very well and the separate heads on the Warlord models are useful for extra variety. I've several vehicles being painted for my British force. I've several early scout and Bren carriers, but have yet to field them. For my recce element, naturally, I went for a Guy armoured car; that was a must! It has proven quite useless in my games, but the recce ability has kept it alive. For support, I opted for a 2" mortar, a 2 pounder AT gun and a Vickers MMG. In 500 points, I thought it unfair to take a forward artillery observer. The models here are old Crusader and Foundry models, I plan to build a 'proper' BEF 2 pounder and Vickers MMG team. For my next 500 points, I'm looking at adding a tank and more infantry. I've already painted up a Boys anti-tank rifle, so that'll be a useful addition against the light German armour. I've played games of up to 800 points with a borrowed Matilda 2, but that was slow but scary - as the German AT bounced off it! So far, everyone is having fun and we'll have an excellent collection of early war models for WS&S 120.      

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