Project 1940 - More tea?

Regular blog readers will know that I've been getting my local games group to build forces for 1940. Despite several setbacks, including a bout of Covid, my Brits are going on apace. So far I've painted thirty and of the remaining thirty, all are in the process of being finished. My BEF are primarily Warlord, with a few 1st Corps and the odd BEF Miniatures models thrown in. The BEF range was bought by Warlord and resculpted into their current range. I must do some head swaps to add more variety. The BEF are painted in a mix of English Uniform (VMC 921) and Khaki (VMC 988). I've used Yellow Green (VMC 881) for the webbing. The helmets are polished off in Citadel Militarum Green. I also added a touch of brown ink (Strong Tone Army Painter) to reinforce the lines between different sections of the model. Now my force needs some more armour.  I do have the odd Matilda (in mark 1 and mark 2), but will be focussing on an A9 and A13 to start. I also fancy some Vickers light tanks - in game terms, they are pretty useless, but who plays to 'win' in games? Isn't history important too? They were the main reconnaissance tank for the BEF, along with the Morris CS9 Light Armoured Car. So there's plenty left to do!

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