Last Sunday I went to SELWG, held at the Crystal Palace Sports Centre in London. The show is organised annually by the South East London Wargamers and is usually in early to mid-October every year.

Battle of Senlac Hill

I’ve been to SELWG, whenever I could, on and off for the past 15 years - there have been only a few ones I’ve missed and the Crystal Palace Sports Centre was closed for a while when they refurbished the roof. Admittedly since I became editor of WS&S, I have even less time.

Battle of Raphia 217BC

The show was well attended (with over 1000 through the door), which was better than last year’s attendance. This was despite the travel disruption in Central London with various bridges, tunnels and motorways closed (which I found out to my cost on Saturday evening).

Normandy participation game.

There was a good selection of games - one or two clubs didn’t make it due to breakdowns and traffic but the SELWG guys soon turned these into public seating areas.

Best demo game - Shepway Wargamers.

The thing I like about SELWG is its size - not too big and not too small. The bring & buy is also usually very good. It is where I picked up most of my Darkest Africa miniatures (regular readers may recall my previous post). This time was no exception with some very nicely priced Boers.

Best participation game - Simon Miller’s ‘To the Strongest’

The SELWG committee award prizes for the best games at the show and I tagged along to see who the winners were and take some photos.

Best scenery - Maidstone wargamers with 2mm Arab-Israeli

If you have the opportunity to attend SELWG 2017, I highly recommend the show. I might even see you there, work permitting.

Best of show - South London Warlords

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