The Dutch AWI Project - final week - 4

Drat, was it really mid-May that I reported on working on the infantry for Tarleton’s Legion? What happened to all that time? Summer, I guess… The Great Wargaming Survey certainly kept me mentally occupied over the last month, but I’m sure unfocused modelling and a degree of laziness played a role. It is Summer after all. Excuses, excuses! Enough already, I wouldn’t accept them from any editor either if they did not have their stuff done at deadline time, so it’ll be busy chez Jasper over the next two days. 

That’s not to say nothing is done. The Volunteers of Ireland were completed over a year ago, and the militia in March. In the meantime, I completed two new bases for the Royal North Carolina regiment, faced in blue though that’s perhaps incorrect. I also painted a vignette of Governor Josiah Martin, who accompanied Cornwallis to Camden, being briefed by two English officers while enjoying a cup of something or other, as well as an artilleryman diligently guarding supplies and a few other tented bases.

What remains to be done? The infantry for Tarleton’s Legion are nearly ready. The faces and hands need to be painted, as well as a few details, which undoubtedly will take me longer than expected, but it isn’t that much. Basing goes really quick if you follow Steve Jones’ tips as published in WSS 84, so that doesn’t worry me much either. I’ve tried it, it works! That leaves just two guns and their crews. I was planning to make them look a bit more dishevelled than the well-dressed Perry matrosses and gunners, maybe throw in some loyalist types as well, but I think that’ll have to wait for another battery. Luckily the uniform is very simple so I think it should all work in another example of ‘just in time production’. 

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