The Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu! (part 3)

With the Ninja effectively out of the picture, only Johnny Chou stood between the Yakuza, the Tongs and the bank. However, he had a plan: if he stole the Jade Dragon first, then no one else could have it. With his backup still woefully behind him (most still in their starting positions), he strode into the bank and rang the bank manager to ask for the code to open the safe. (We said any baddies would take an action to blow the safe, but the cop would require two.) However, his call was interrupted by Yakuza boss Yu Hung, who kicked Johnny out of the bank’s back door and into the firing line of his four gunmen! To ensure he would not be interrupted, Yu sent his “walking wall”, the Sumo, to block the door.

Meanwhile, the Guru used his healing ability to recover and formed a cunning plan.

Inside the bank, Yu relished the chance to open the safe uninterrupted. Outside Johnny Chu “bullet danced” backwards, as the four gunmen opened up and riddled the area in which he stood with lead. The worst they did was to shoot his pistol out of his hand! Johnny recovered, grabbed his gun and, in a spectacular move, gunned down two Yakuza at point-blank range with his pistol. Smoking dice! Some reactions later and all four gunmen were on the floor, out of action. Go Johnny!

Having opened the safe and gotten his hands on the idol, Yu was rudely interrupted by the Guru (the Tong leader), who was awaiting the chance to burst in and grab the idol. In a brief flurry of blows, the Dragon idol exchanged hands and the Tongs made off with it. This, after all Yu’s hard work!

What followed was a “Benny Hill”-style chase with Tongs and Police desperately trying to catch up with the Guru as he ran back to his board edge, using his men as blockers to the pursuing force. The three remaining Ninjas decided now was the time for revenge and managed to slice down a few Yakuza stragglers, a Pyrrhic defeat at best.

When the smoke settled, the Tongs had won, having successfully retrieved the “Jade Dragon”. Now the Guru would probably use it in some diabolical ritual, but that would be another story.

We had fun. It wasn’t just the funny accents and general tom-foolery, it was the game’s ability to create unusual and challenging situations for the players. It also played well despite having four players; I can see two player games being pretty quick. I’m sure we’ll all play it differently next time. I, for one, will be taking a gang with some form of ranged attack for a start!

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