The plastic Panzer Lehr assemble!

Wargames Atlantic released their Panzer Lehr a few months ago and we reviewed them in the magazine. One thing I commented on was the lack of instructions in the kit, and which right arm fits with which left. 

To be fair to Atlantic, they are now marking the sprues in their latest kits, so it is easier to identify which arm pairs with which.

I'd been meaning to make some instructions of my own (like I did with their giant spiders a while ago). So, a few nights ago I came up with a simple idea - colour coding with Army Painter Speed Paints. I painted each weapon and arm with white primer. Then I colour matched each one with its correct component. 

Now, I can easily assemble my colour coded Lehr!

I also had a few spare arms from the 0200 Hours plastic set to play with (the parts are fully compatible between both sets).

Hybrids from Lehr and 0200

With the two sets, you can come up with some unique conversions. I suspect the size means they will be compatible with the earlier Warlord plastics. Expect some hybrids soon!

More hybrids from Lehr and 0200




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