WSS Podcast 82 - Talking Miniatures

On a recent whirlwind tour of the Nottingham ‘lead belt’, Guy dropped in at Warlord Games. While there, an opportunity presented itself to talk to John Stallard, CEO of Warlord Games and one of the founders of Games Workshop. With some friends, he recently published Talking Miniatures. If that's not enough, he might divulge a few plans.

Then there's the news, the usual shenanigans, and what we've been up to. And that rounds out the final episode for 2023. Thanks for listening!

Talking Miniatures
Caesars’s Gallic Wars (Warlord Games)
Lard Magazine 2023 (TooFatLardies)
The British Army 1960 – 1990 (1st Corps)
Spellbound (BelloLudi)

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