Issue 122 - Baptism of fire for Kompanie Schmalz

In issue 122 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, we look at ad-hoc, rear area and other improvised units in warfare. During operation Market Garden, the Germans threw every available unit into the line. On the Dutch-German border near Nijmegen, these efforts were coordinated by Korps Feldt. Here, Nick Skinner presents a scenario to replay an attack by the thrown-together soldiers in that Korps on a roadblock setup by the paras of the US 82nd Airborne division.

>> Download the scenario for the 'Baptism of fire for Kompanie Schmalz' here (PDF)



Good scenario but the 82nd Airborne predominantly used BARs vs M1919A4s LMGs for squad automatic weapons photo evidence, regimental histories and veterans accounts point this out. In the 82nd Archives there are also jump manifest for BAR gunners for Sicily, Normandy and Holland. Fyi

Doshu Tokeshi

Thank you for this great addition.

Jonathan Yuengling

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