Gary Brueggeman's The Roman Army

  • The Legion Formation

    Considering that the Roman army was arguably the greatest military force the world has known, that pretty good eyewitness descriptions have come down to us... Read more
  • Introduction to a New Model

    The new infantry model At about the same time that I first developed The Roman Army web page Adrain Goldsworthy's book, The Roman Army At... Read more
  • Attacking the marching column

    Introduction "Getting there is half the fun" would not describe the Roman army's experience. Army travel was brutally hard work. In the previous pages the... Read more
  • A day's march

    This page is an attempt to reconstruct a 'typical' day's march for the army. Before showing the marching column there are a few basic considerations... Read more
  • The order of march

    The order in which the various units moved is uncertain. Delbrück, who devoted over 600 pages of his 4-volume work on the History of Warfare... Read more
  • March: the whole army

    In the previous section the elements that would constitute a single legion were explored. When several legions were assembled into an army there would be... Read more
  • March: noncombatants and legion baggage

    Scribes In addition the legion would have scribes to keep its records and accounts. I have found no sources that give an estimate of the... Read more
  • March: the legion components

    The next several sections describe the men, animals and equipment that were associated with the legion; that is, the numbers of these units were more... Read more
  • The March - basics

    Roads The Roman roads were constructed for military purposes.  It is obvious that, whenever possible, the army moved along the roads.  Therefore the width of... Read more
  • Equipment

    Sections Standards Some of the types of standards used by the Roman army are shown in this illustration. The top part of the illustration shows... Read more

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