Shipping Speed

We endeavor to always send out your orders as soon as possible, however orders placed on Friday may not go out until after the weekend. Customers will be notified by email at the time of shipping. From that moment, it should take up to about one week within Europe and no more than two to three weeks in the rest of the world for your order to arrive.


Subscriptions always start with the first upcoming issue. Once a new subscription has been processed, the subscriber will be notified by mail or email with an indication of the timeframe for this first issue. If the 'Start with the latest issue' option was selected at the time of purchase, we will ship the most recent edition immediately.

New issues are shipped immediately upon receipt of stock from the printer. All subscribers will be notified by email at this time. Subscription copies should arrive within 7-10 days of that moment within Europe and within two to three weeks in the rest of the world.

Note: If your delivery address changes after you purchase a subscription, please let us know. For more on change of address, see here.

Shipping Companies

We use a variety of shipping companies to get the best shipping rates as well as reliability and shipping speed. Most small orders are shipped via Asendia. Above a certain threshold that differs depending on where you are in the world (see also below). We ship via a variety of European package delivery companies, DHL, and UPS throughout the world.

Shipping Rates

We realize that shipping costs for products in the store may sometimes seem unreasonably high, especially for our overseas customers. This is due to the realities of international shipping, which very quickly becomes quite costly for large, heavy orders. We are constantly searching for the best shipping rates we can and will pass these straight on to you, but even so, prices are likely to remain high for large orders. We suggest that Americans in particular may want to place orders with one of our US retailers in order to keep costs down. Please also be aware that for customs, security and legal reasons, we are required to attach a shipping manifest to all orders larger than 2 kilos. In many countries, books and magazines are not subject to import tax, but depending on where you live, you may have to pay extra fees or duties above the cost of your actual order.

Below are general guidelines for our shipping rates to various regions around the world. Please keep in mind that these rates are subject to change and may also vary within the weight classes mentioned. For the most accurate information on shipping to your location, please use the shipping cost calculator in the shopping cart. As a general rule, shipping costs go up quite quickly for small orders, but once they reach a threshold at between 1 and 2kg, they stop going up.

The Netherlands: Packages up to 1.5 kg cost €3,50. Packages from 1.5 kg to 10 kg cost €6,75.

Western Europe: This includes shipments to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK . Packages up to 10 kg will not cost more than €14,50 (and in some cases even less), with prices gradually increasing by weight up to that point. In most cases this maximum is reached between 1 and 1.5kg.

Worldwide (all countries not mentioned above): Packages worldwide increase in price gradually up to a maximum of €27,50 for a 3kg tracked package. Also, some countries that are not listed in the above group but are still European (such as Greece and Norway) will be subject to lower rates than other Worldwide destinations.

Free Shipping

Some products and orders qualify for free shipping worldwide. This applies in these cases

  • Digital products, obviously, as well as gift cards.
  • All subscriptions. The price you pay depends entirely on the selected subscription length and any additional options.
  • All orders with a total value of €200 or more.