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  • GWS 2020: So you call yourself a wargamer?

    After a break over the holidays, I return to analyzing results from the Great Wargaming Survey. The start of a New Year ushers in a... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Gaming Era preferences adjusted for age

    As mentioned in the previous post on The Great Wargaming Survey analysis (see: GWS2020: Game Period, Type, and Figure Size, Oh My!), I wanted to... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Game Period, Type, and Figure Size, Oh My!

    In previous installments of the ongoing analysis of the 2020 Great Wargaming Survey, we examined the relationships between game period and figure size (see: Game... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Clustering eras

    The prior series of GWS2020 analyses focused primarily on a descriptive analysis of a few select topics or survey questions. Today, we dive a bit... Read more
  • GWS 2020: A look back at 2020

    This year, 2020, has been incredibly hard for many. In the US we have an ugly presidential election, and in Europe there is Brexit. The... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Favorite Game Period and Figure Size

    In the last installment, the analysis focused upon the relationship between favorite game period and game type (see Favorite Game Period by Type). Today's installment retains focus... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Favorite period by Game Type

    Following up from the previous GWS2020 post on favorite game periods (see Top settings, part 2, part 3), attention turns to the relationship between game... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Top settings, part 3

    Top Eras by Age Group Breaking out survey responses by age group, I find a fascinating exercise. Well, I find all of this data exploration... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Top settings, part 2

    Respondents' preferred eras and settings might be ranked in different ways as well. What happens when we look at the favorite first, second, third, fourth... Read more
  • GWS 2020: Top settings, part 1

    In a recent Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy podcast (see WSS43 with survey discussion beginning at 14-minute mark), the group discussed results from the recently completed Great Wargaming Survey 2020... Read more

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