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The 2021 Great Wargaming Survey has begun!

The Great Wargaming Survey is back for another year with a new UI, some familiar questions, some new ones, and a whole pile of goodies to be won for 5-10 minutes of thinking about your favourite pastime! What's not to like? Take the survey!

Apart from a selection of articles from WSS and a €5 discount coupon for this website for everyone, you can put your name down to win one of the following prizes:

  • Eureka Miniatures: one AU$150 voucher
  • TooFatLardies - One full bundle of Infamy, Infamy, or Chain of Command, or Sharp Practice 2 of the winner's choice.
  • A Rubicon plastic box set of the winner’s choice
  • Wargames Atlantic: four boxes of the winner's choice
  • Sarissa Precision: two £25 vouchers
  • Warlord Games: a starter set (up to £100) of the winner’s choice; two plastic infantry or vehicle boxed sets of the winner’s choice; three sets of warlord hobby tools - tape measure, laser pointer, dice; four £5 Warlord Games Vouchers
  • Battlefront Miniatures: starter set and Bagration book with cards
  • Gripping Beast: one plastic box set of the winner’s choice
  • Perry Miniatures: one plastic box set voucher (ACW starter, Travel Battle set excluded)
  • Osprey Publishing: two wargaming rulebooks of the winner’s choice; one copy of Undaunted: North Africa by Osprey Games
  • 4Ground Publishing: two £25 vouchers
  • Pen & Sword Books: two books of the winner’s choice
  • Baccus 6mm: two sets of rules of the winner’s choice
  • Pendraken Miniatures: a 10mm Army Pack of the winner’s choice
  • 3x two-year subscription of the winner’s choice to either Ancient Warfare, Ancient History Magazine, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy
  • And a late addition: the adobe building built by Philip Taylor for WSS 115.

3 thoughts on “The 2021 Great Wargaming Survey has begun!”

  • David Smylie

    Very informative survey great to see what’s going on in the greater wargames world
    As one who games mainly in 15mm I’d like to see more photos/ articles on 15mm as 28mm is royally catered for !

  • Jose Carlos Ortiz Castillo
    Jose Carlos Ortiz Castillo August 5, 2021 at 1:02 am

    28mm is the present and future.

  • Fred Hart

    I'm surprised 28mm still exist. So many people still stuck in the eighties. Technology has moved on to the point where we can have far better detail in 15mm than what was the norm in 28mm. Want to spend the maximum amount of money and use the maximum storage space, stay with prehistoric 28mm. You have your little gang, I'll have an army.

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