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  • 1940 Campaign Belgians: Belgian beginnings (part 1)

    By David Frederick: The Belgian army has been mobilised! Well, twenty of them that is. And this being the first army I have collected and... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 57: Salute 2021

    Salute 2021 - or the postponed 2020 edition - took place last weekend at the Excel Centre in London. Editor Guy Bowers, ably assisted by... Read more
  • 1940 Campaign: Deutschland

    Alex Shears: I joined this project a little later than everyone else. I don't own any early war forces, let alone any Axis in my... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 56: Preperations for the winter campaign

    The dark days are here again, possibly made darker by the giant stack of unpainted minis blocking out the sun. Or so it seems, at... Read more
  • 1940 Campaign French - Part 1: Aux Armes, Mes Amis!

    As the tempest gathers in the East, it's clearly time to marshall the brave French forces. In case you haven't read about it in WSS... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 55: Guy goes to Partizan

    Last Sunday, Partizan in Newark (UK) opened its doors again as one of the first shows to be 'on' again after the lockdowns of the... Read more
  • Stargrave hybrids Part 2

    I love converting plastics and creating hybrids from two (or more) different kits. In my last blog, I looked at some of my work for... Read more
  • Stargrave hybrids

    Regular readers of my blog will know I like creating hybrids from different plastic kits. Plastics are great for their ease of conversion. This time... Read more
  • 28mm Victorian Afghans

    Regular readers of my blog will know that I always like to mess around and hybridise my plastic infantry. In one specific period, I'll use... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 54: Fields of Glory

    The WSS podcast team is back for the monthly update of slightly-too-long news items, a discussion about the benefits of battlefield walking (we're not talking... Read more

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