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Making cars for Mad Maximilian

Maximilian 1934 is the new 'car wars' game from Mana Press. Set in the 1930's, it imagines a world where cars duel each other with machine guns and various exotic weaponry.

Eureka Miniatures has made an excellent range of cars (concept designs by Ty Chapman and sculpted in 3D by Tim Popelier) specifically for the game. There's also the 20th-century follies range from 1st Corps. In the meantime, I'm looking around for suitable models to convert. The Lledo 'Past Times' range comes to mind.

Thankfully Warbases does a range of inexpensive interwar vehicles, including its Lancia Ansaldo, which was ripe for conversion. I love the shape of it and the 'crash' bars.

Note the added exhaust, a spare off a Chi Ha tank.

I started by constructing the kit and then modifying the turret. The machine-guns and mount were spares from the excellent Rubicon Commonwealth Willy's Jeep. The kit has enough spare guns for another vehicle or two after this one. The gunner is a spare torso from the Crooked Dice Scooter Gang set.

Making the wheels more 3D.

The wheels were a little too 2D for my liking, so I used a bit of Milliput to 'blow' the tyres up. I also smoothed out any obvious gaps in the mudguards and hull, plus adding an exhaust system to the bottom.

The finished model looks great. Now I just have to think whether I need to add anything more to it. A few rivets down the side, maybe? I'm not too sure it needs much more, as too many extras will detract from the look. Now for a suitable 1930's colour. Racing stripes, perhaps?


3 thoughts on “Making cars for Mad Maximilian”

  • Tim Popelier

    That name looks familiar somehow, he must be good looking.

    The obvious "thing" to add for me would be stowage. Welded on racks holding flimsies (no jerry cans in Australia back then!) and assorted parts. I have to agree, the crash bars sell this model for the setting!

  • Ty chapman

    Hello Guy

    I believe there has been some miss understanding in regards to who designed the cars for Eureka Miniatures.
    The cars were designed and made by myself and given to Eureka Miniatures for casting. In this process the rights for the design was then sold to them who in turn contacted Tim to conduct clean up and further work on them. Tim has done some amazing work on the vehicles such as extra stowage and strengthening of parts. Tim has also designed and produced one of his own vehicles however the initial cars, gun mounts and such were all mine. The initial three cars were the single seat long nose, the turreted vehicle and also the three wheeled Morgan. Further designs have been sold to Eureka in the form of a monowheel racer and also the trike that has been featured in the Manna Press rule book.

    I am writing to inform you of this as I believe the story should be set straight in regards as to who created the miniatures. I worked hard on these miniatures and to be left with no recognition does hurt whilst seeing some one else take credit for them.

    Nick Robson at Eureka can also set things straight as he has also been instrumental in the whole enterprise.

    Looking forward to hearing from you kindest regards
    Ty Chapman.

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