Remembering Stuart Asquith

I was saddened to learn today, courtesy of Henry Hyde,  that Stuart Asquith had passed away last night.

Stuart Asquith (Courtesy of Henry Hyde)

Stuart was a true giant in the hobby. Known for his fun and gentlemanly approach to wargaming, he also espoused simple wargames rules, such as the 'Old School' approach to wargaming.

Stuart wrote several books and dozens of magazine articles for Military Modelling, Practical Wargamer (more on this later) and (of course) for Battlegames. These have inspired generations of wargamers (and I'm sure his work will inspire generations to come).

The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team owe Stuart a great debt. As the former editor of Practical Wargames, he oversaw a top-quality wargaming magazine. This publication above all others was the model we used when relaunching the new WS&S magazine back in 2011.

All of us here at Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy would like to extend our sympathies to Stuart's friends and family.

11 thoughts on “Remembering Stuart Asquith”

  • Mike Smith

    I liked Stuart Asquith presenting style. I really miss Practical Wargamer. I couldn’t say what is was about the Magazine that hooked me, but it had “character”.
    Like walking into a historical building and feeling the vibe.?

  • Nathan Ward

    I agree with Mike. Practical Wargamer just worked, and Stuart's own writing style was engaging and enjoyable. He'll be missed.

  • David Jackson

    I have many of Stuart's publications with two in particular to the fore right now....his booklet on the War of I am planning a "Sharp Practice" campaign and the 1999 PW yearbook (I have the entire run of PW). He was a gentleman and will be sorely missed.

  • Mark bullock

    Really sad to here of Stuart’s passing. Practical war game magazine was the best magazine out there and I really miss his style of magazine. I still have most of the copies and only a few years ago fought the Punic battle of Bagades plain by Chris Cope out of that magazine. A great read. He and the magazine are greatly missed

  • Andrew

    I remember as a little boy reading articles by Stuart Asquith, I never knew him or met him as I am in New Zealand, but he had a huge impact on developing my lifelong interest in models and wargames. Thanks you Stuart RIP.

  • Mike Adams

    RIP Stuart, thank you for your contribution to this great hobby. Your memory lives on in the War of 1812 Campaign Guide on my bookshelf; I too fondly remember those issues of Practical Wargamer; and even before that, Stuart wrote for Military Modelling in the days before there were dedicated wargames magazines - he had a lovely writing style.

  • Jules

    Sad to hear of Stuart Asquith's passing his articals in Practical Wargaming were always fun and made me want to game. I still have many of those magazines and he will be remembered as a wargamer great. Thank you Stuart RIP.

  • Tom Wayne (Nee Asquith)
    Tom Wayne (Nee Asquith) November 18, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Thank you all for you kind words about my father Stuart Asquith.
    Me, my mother and my sisters have been bowled over by the wargaming community's kind words about sad and how he effected people across the globe. He would have been humbled to read these.

    Thank you again,

    The Asquith family.

  • John Kersey

    He also contributed to the original WSS magazine.

  • Deano Ware

    One of the true legends. He, Tony Bath and Donald Featherstone passed this hobby onto me. May I be blessed to do the same to others who will cherish it as I do. What I wouldn’t give to see the wargame he and Donald are putting on for the angles.

  • Peter Harridge

    I was saddened to recently hear of Stuart's passing in November. He and I discovered wargaming together when we met at North Wembley telephone exchange as young technicians in the mid 60s. I subsequently spent many a happy evening at his homes in Harrow, usually on the losing side, but gentleman that he was, he never (or seldom!) gloated and we habitually celebrated with a small glass of Drambuie. Although I fell by the wayside as far as wargaming was concerned I still bought the magazines occasionally and observed with interest the progress that Stuart made in the hobby.

    As mementos I still have the 30mm Pultava guardsman that he painted for me and my copy of "Charge" that I will never part with.

    God bless you Stuart, a real pleasure to have known you.

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