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Stargrave hybrids

Regular readers of my blog will know I like creating hybrids from different plastic kits. Plastics are great for their ease of conversion. This time I've turned my attention to some Sci-Fi models.

Basic head swaps on Stargrave bodies.

I like the Stargrave background, which reminds me greatly of the Foundation series by Issac Asimov (which is now adapted to a TV series). I read the trilogy when I was a teenager (one book and a half in Fuerteventura of all places!) on a fortnight's holiday there. There was little to do but get sunburnt or read, and I burn easily...

Frotgrave cultists with different heads and 'grave weapons.

I started with a few simple head swaps (two heads in the first picture are Atlantic Irish and Warlord WW2 German). Then I experimented with Frostgrave Cultists, to create a gang of techno-scavvys.

These scavengers have various heads from Oathmark, Frostgrave, Atlantic and one from Conquest. You can pretty much ensure every miniature looks unique with different combos.

Stargrave casualty. But does he have some loot on him?

Yes, I tried making some casualty miniatures by using the skeletal parts of the Cultists kits. I've also made some plague victims for Quarantine 37. I've also used the Snakemen to create a race of cool mercenaries, the H'rath.

H'rath mercenary versus two plague victims.

That's all for now - next time I have some Space Dwarves, some cowboy hybrids (using the Great Escape plastic cowboys) and some Frostgrave/D&D conversions. Yes, the converting goes both ways!







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