Pavlov’s House Build - Part 2

'Pavlov' - does that ring a bell?

A couple of months ago I finished making a small part of the famous 'Pavlov's House' in kit form from Things From The Basement in partnership with 4Ground - and here's the next bit - 'Pavlov's House End Block (Damaged)':

This is mostly a visual post; not least because my thoughts about the kit are much as they were before in Part 1. The kit was straightforward to build and the brick rubble - whilst fiddly - was again really enjoyable. It should be noted that this 'end block' is mechanically much more simple than the stair assembly I did before, so there was less shaving of parts needed - always a positive result.

It should also be noted that the instructions weren't quite  as comprehensive as they might have been: the component parts in the photos are different (an early mock-up, I assume) and there was neither mention nor illustration of the provided roof tiles, so I had to improvise a little:

The real stars of this design are of course the stoves in each apartment: I may yet go back and embellish them a little. It's a sutble addition to each level, but I believe it really works well and adds a lot of character in a simple - yet very clever - way.


Talking of adding more detail, what you see in these pics is just what came in the kit. When I go back to this building, it would be great to add more piles of rubble, brickdust and so forth.

If I had one issue with this kit, it would be the unfortunate lack of locating tabs or lugs btween the different storeys. You can see in some of the external pics here that the floors are slightly misaligned: 4Ground have a great tradition in well-designed lugs to keep storeys aligned and steady, but alas, this 12" high kit is worryingly unstable with each floor simply perched precipitously on the one below:

This is something I will go back to and fix myself, but it'd be helpful to see this feature anticipated in any future collaborative kits...

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