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  • Recent review of Charles XII: Warrior King

    Charles XII: Warrior King was favourably reviewed in a recent issue of the Swedish history magazine, Militär Historia. In issue number 8 from 2019, author Olle... Read more
  • Official launch for Charles XII: Warrior King

    On October 3rd, 2018, Charles XII: Warrior King was officially released. The launch event was held in Stockholm, Sweden at the House of Nobility (Riddarhuset). Attended... Read more
  • Edge of Empire review in Britannia

    Even though it's a few years old now, we're very happy to see that many people are still reading (and reviewing) Edge of Empire, Jona... Read more
  • Rails to the Front reviewed by the Lexington Quarterly

    Rails to the Front recently received a fabulous review in the 2018 January edition of the Lexington Quarterly. As Gregory P. Ames concludes about the... Read more
  • New review for Rails to the Front

    Rails to the Front: The role of railways in Wartime was recently reviewed in the fall-winter 2017 edition of Railway History. Col. Don Woodworth, Jr. Provided... Read more
  • Radu Oltean's Dacian Wars

    Karwansaray was fortunate enough to acquire the rights to publish a second edition of Romanian artist Radu Oltean’s book on the Dacian Wars. You probably... Read more
  • Unboxing Romans

    There is no advertising as good as a testimonial from a happy customer. When I met photographer Stef Verstraaten last weekend at the Nijmegen Roman... Read more
  • New book: Henchmen of Ares

    Last year saw the publication of the first hardcover special of Ancient Warfare magazine, Edge of Empire, written by Jona Lendering and Arjen Bosman. I... Read more
  • An interview on Edge of Empire

    I recently had a talk with Jona Lendering, co-author of Edge of Empire: Rome’s Frontier on the Lower Rhine, a hardcover book on the Roman occupation... Read more
  • New Praise for Marlborough: Soldier and Diplomat

    Marlborough: Soldier and Diplomat received a special mention over the holidays when Janice Murray, Director General of the National Army Museum, praised it as one... Read more

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