2014 Summer Special

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Hot off the press, the latest Summer Special is here and its a real Special Special: our Tenth Anniversary Special to be precise. To celebrate we have, I think, produced the meatiest and most action packed Special ever. The contents are listed here:

  • Introduction: Nick says hello
  • Westwind: A complete Chain of Command mini-campaign set in East Prussia 1945
  • Seven Spears: A truly magical conversion for using Samurai with Dux Britanniarum
  • Do Some Dinging C Company: A Charlie Don’t Surf scenario from Operation Colorado in 1966
  • Robin Hood’s Black Gold: Home Guard versus Fallschirmjager mini campaign for Chain of Command based on original defence plans for Nottinghamshire
  • The Siege of Augusta: A multi-player scenario for Sharp Practice in the American War of Independence
  • Big CoC in Africa: A fantastic report of a post-colonial Africa adaptation for Chain of Command which has been impressing the Australian show circuit
  • Carribean Broadsides: A squadron action for Kiss Me Hardy
  • It’s the Chindits! A great new list for Chain of Command with several Chindit force options and three distinct support lists for the varying operations undertaken. There’s a smashing little scenario added on to give them a run out too.
  • Hurricanes over Hal Far: Bag the Hun looks at the siege of Malta and presents three scenarios for air war over the Med
  • Circle the Wagons: A Chain of Command scenario for fighting in Benouville in June 1944. A 70th anniversary scenario.
  • The Roundwood Report: Blogimpressario Sidney Roundwood chats to Big Rich about how he writes rules. So top tips for would be rule designers.
  • Strawberries for Elephants: A spectacular full campaign for Chain of Command set on the Dyle Line in 1940. A great example of gaming interwoven with superb historical research.
  • Giarabub: In the deserts of North Africa the Australians face the Italians in the aftermath of Operation Compass. A scenario for IABSM
  • Swarms for Q13: A look at using swarm type forces for our popular Sci-fi rules
  • OML2: A report from a great Lardy Games day in the West Country. With cakes!
  • Vacquevill: A second 70th anniversary game, this time for IABSM as the Yanks fight their way inland from Omaha beach

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