Medieval World 9

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In this issue, we examine the role of diplomacy, patronage, and gift giving in the Byzantine sphere of influence and beyond.

Theme: The Byzantine Network

  • Murray Dahm, "A Way with Words: The Impact of Byzantine Diplomacy," 20-23.
  • Tim Miller, "When Translation was King: How the Gift of a Greek Manuscript Changed Medieval Spain," 24-27.
  • Siren Çelik, "A Byzantine Emperor in Europe: The Travels of Manuel II Palaiologos," 28-33.
  • Zachary Chitwood, "Pilgrims, Patrons, and Potentates: Journeys to and from Mount Athos," 34-37.
  • Andrea Mattiello, "Isabella de Lusignan: A Byzantine Queen of Morea," 38-41.
  • Antonios Vratimos, "The Battle of Manzikert: Seeing the Ottoman Perspective," 8-11.
  • Robert Jones, "Heralds: Their Roles and Development," 12-13.
  • Rowdy Geirsson, "Glory in Death: Sweden's Magnificent Pre-Viking Graves," 14-19.
  • Manon Henzen, "Hypocras: A Delightfully Sweet and Spiced Wine" 42-43.
  • Michael S. Curl, "Mounted Lance Combat: Principles and Techniques," 44-49.
  • Kathryn Walton, "The Foulest One of All: The Legend of the Loathly Lady," 50-53.
  • Gabrielle Storey, "Joanna of Sicily: Queen, Countess, Pawn?," 54-55.
  • Julia Faiers, "Book review: Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages," 56.
  • Ralph Moffat, "Book review: A Cultural History of the Medieval Sword," 57.

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