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Medieval Warfare VII.6 subscriber copies

Medieval Warfare issue VII.6 was mailed out just before Christmas. Unfortunately, it seems that in the UK (where it was mailed from), Royal Mail was overwhelmed by the volume of post, and they are still trying to catch up. At the same time, copies mailed to North America, coming in through major airports in the northeast, got caught in the winter weather. All that combines to make distribution of this issue much slower than we would like. We just want to reassure our readers that their magazine is on the way and if experience is any help, it will get to you just fine in due course.

To tide you over, the PDF version of Medieval Warfare VII.6 is only €2, ánd you get 25% off on all print back issues of Medieval Warfare using the discount coupon code SlowMail (click to activate) at checkout. This offer is valid till Sunday January 21st, 2018.


5 thoughts on “Medieval Warfare VII.6 subscriber copies”

  • Michael Baker

    Thank you for keeping us informed hopefully it will arrive soon. Living in the UK I didn't get a sense of a large volume of post around Christmas in fact our post arrived earlier than usual on the days running up to the Christmas period. Thanks

  • Karl Gagesch

    Is the slow mail problem affecting the Ancient Warfare magazine too? I have not received my latest copy either.

  • Neil Melville

    Yes, thanks for your optimism! I have been receiving plenty of mail posted well after Christmas and New Year so I wonder, after nearly a month, if the R.M. has actually lost the whole batch of UK destined copies. I trust that Karwansaray is pressing the RM on this, and will expect compensation or at least a return of the postage costs if my concerns are justified! MW is too good a magazine to lose.

  • G Dee Redman

    I have been waiting since December 8th for my copy to arrive. On that date my bank records payment for the issue in question.

    Will you please send me the shipping information so I can track the package.

    Thank you.
    G Dee Redman

  • Michael Baker

    Still not received my copy of Medieval Warfare I am growing concerned is there a problem ?

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