2005 Christmas Special

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TooFatLardies' 2005 Christmas Special contains 140+ pages packed with wargaming goodness, with supplements, scenarios and much more. Content in this PDF includes: 

  • To Die for a Tie: A Korean War Supplement for IABSM!
  • Time Tunnel to Trafalgar: The immortal memory relived using our Kiss Me Hardy Rules
  • Moiste Cabbage & A Quick CognacA France 1940 scenario for IABSM
  • A Fine Day in Group 12: Bag the Hun scenario
  • If the Lord Spares Us: our new Great War rules exposed and a new scenario
  • A Blagger's Guide to Figure Painting
  • Defence of the Nation: Defend Romania in 1944 with this IABSM scenario
  • Guess Who's Dropping in for Xª MAS: Partizan hunting with IABSM
  • Algernon Pulls it Off – WWI Bag the Hun rules ideas
  • Bloody Omaha: An IABSM scenario for D-Day
  • Austerlitz Refought – Another Bicentennial refight, this time with Le Feu Sacre
  • The Affair of Wadi Hu-Ara: An ITLSU scenario
  • Umpireless Games – Ideas for challenging games with IABSM
  • A Corner of a Foreign Field – Normandy Terrain under the microscope
  • Hornblower & the Old Oars – A literary naval encounter for Kiss Me Hardy
  • Trafalgar Conference: An expose from our roving reporter
  • A Hot Cold War: Two Korean War IABSM scenarios
  • Ritt Nach Dem Osten – The Freikorps in the East for Triumph of the Will
  • No Escape – KMH Scenario
  • Solo Gaming? A Guide to Playing with Yourself
  • Saar 1939 – France takes the initiative in this early WWII scenario
  • The Freezing 401st: The Bulge gets bigger with this IABSM scenario

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